Call for papers- Scottish Parliament. Deadline 10 May 2016

May 4, 2016   |   by admin

scotparlThe Finance Committee in the last session of the Parliament recommended the need for a wide ranging debate across Scotland on taxation policy and recommended to the new Committee which will be formed shortly after the Scottish Parliament elections that it should prioritise consideration of its own role in leading this debate.  While it will be for the new Committee to decide its own work programme we are currently developing briefing material on the new tax powers which will include issues such as tax fairness, progressivity and behavioural responses to tax changes.

We are looking for peer-reviewed publications on theoretical and empirical work both in the UK and the rest of the world on tax design and behavioural responses to tax changes.  We would welcome input from all interested academics who contribute to the debate on Scottish tax devolution and also tax design more widely.


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