Max Weber Workshop on State-Building in Non-Democratic Societies – call for papers, deadline 5 March

February 11, 2019   |   by David Massey

European University Institute, May 6,  2019

Keynote speaker: Matthias vom Hau (Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals) Deadline:  March  5, 2019

Organizers: Per Andersson (EUI SPS), Rémi Dewière (EUI HEC), Benoît Maréchaux (EUI HEC), Corina Mavrodin (EUI HEC), Andrea Papadia (EUI RSC), Christopher Roberts (EUI LAW), Aydin Yildirim  (EUI RSC).

Call for papers

Successful state-building and the development of state capacity are key challenges for today’s developing countries. However, we still only partially understand how modern states arise and obtain their administrative capabilities, including the ability to tax and provide high-quality social services. In particular, the political, social, institutional, and economic factors that influence these processes are still widely debated.

While there is a wealth of research on democracy and state-building, we know much less about state building in non-democratic settings. This workshop will bring together scholars from different disciplines – using a range of scientific methods and empirical case studies with a wide geographical and temporal scope – to discuss recent work related to past and present state building in non-democratic states. The purpose of the workshop is to start a cross-disciplinary conversation (including history, political science, law and economics) about the academic challenges in the literature on state-building, and some of the problems facing today’s developing countries. The workshop will be of interest to anyone concerned with state-building and institutions in a broad sense.


Applicants are invited to submit a short CV and an extended abstract of maximum 1 page by 5 March 2019 to the organizers via  Successful  applicants will  be  informed by 25 March 2019. The full papers must be submitted by 25 April 2019. Travel expenses and accommodation have to be covered by participants and their respective  universities.

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