Three new PhD studentships at the University of Exeter

January 11, 2015   |   by admin

uoexThe University of Exeter Business School is pleased to offer three ESRC studentships as part of the ESRC/HMRC/HMT University of Exeter and Institute for Fiscal Studies Tax Administration Research Centre (TARC).

The Tax Administration Research Centre unites researchers from two institutions with distinguished reputations for research into tax administration and tax design. Complementary abilities and methodologies are brought together to address a wide range of intersecting research projects. The research methodologies include economic modelling, econometric analysis, experimentation, numerical simulation, and qualitative analysis. In undertaking its work the Centre makes extensive use of the HMRC/HMT Datalab to permit innovative empirical work to be undertaken. The Centre enhances tax administration and tax design. It has ambitious plans to become the leading international centre with a central role in research and in building research capability in tax analysis through the training of PhD students and training of research staff.

The closing date for applications is 12 February. The specific details of each studentship, along with details of how to apply can be found here:

Social Norms and Tax Compliance –
The Behavioural Economics of tax avoidance –
Performance Management in Tax Administrations –

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