Revenue Law lecturer sought in Galway

June 8, 2023

The University of Galway School of Law is looking to hire an individual to design content for and deliver two modules in Revenue law for next academic session (2023-24).

The first module, Revenue Law I, will be delivered in semester 1 (September to December 2023) and the second module, Revenue Law II, will be delivered in semester 2 (January to March 2024).

Ideally the lecturer will deliver the lectures in person in Galway, Ireland, but the School is willing to consider remote delivery of lectures if in-person delivery is not possible. There is no requirement that the lecturer hold an Irish law degree or an Irish legal qualification

Revenue Law I will cover: sources of tax law; reading, applying, and interpreting tax law; a tax law research project to be undertaken by the students; tax policy; contemporary issues in tax law; and European and international tax law and policy.

Revenue Law II will cover: Global tax policy and governance; Taxation: The international & European legal order; Tax law of the European Union; The impact of EU law on national tax systems; EU Tax Policy; Principles of International Taxation; Comparative tax law: Principles of selected tax systems; and Contemporary issues in international & European tax law.

The lecturer will be paid for delivery of the lectures and for associated grading of student work (it is anticipated that there will be approximately 20-25 students taking each module). Each module comprises 2 hours of lecturing per week, over a 12 week semester, so 48 hours of lecturing in total.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the Dean of the Galway Law School at: