Roehampton 2014

The 23rd Annual Tax Research Network Conference

Main Conference 4-5 September 2014, Roehampton University, London

Conference organiser Professor Rebecca Boden and TRN Chair Professor Kevin Holland are pleased to announce that the TRN’s 23rd annual conference, on 4-5 September 2014 at the University of Roehampton, London, is now open for registration. Both conference attendance and accommodation can be booked directly with the University of Roehampton available at this direct link BOOK NOW.

In 2014 the conference comprises a doctoral colloquium on 3 September followed by a main conference of 18 substantial papers on the 4 and 5 September. Having grown considerably, for the third time, the conference will offer parallel streams. The conference is truly international – apart from the UK, papers originate from, amongst other places, South Africa, Australia, Austria, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Israel and Poland.

The conference will commence on the morning of Wednesday, 3 September and finish in the afternoon of Friday, 5 September. The venue is Parkstead House at the University of Roehampton – a delightful Georgian residence. Keenly priced but excellent quality accommodation is available at the conference venue.

Accepted papers for the 2014 event are as follows:

  • Dirk Broekhuijsen “The multilateral fiscal framework treaty and the BEPS project.”
  • Tamer Budak, Simon James, Adrian Sawyer and Ian Wallschutzky: “The complexities of tax simplification: a review of progress in Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and the UK.”
  • Tirza Cramwinckel “The power of language: a multidisciplinary approach to legal issues raised by general information provided to taxpayers by the Netherlands customs administration.”
  • Dominic de Cogan “Making sense of tax through judicial disagreement.”
  • Pierluigi De Rosa “Building trust in Italian tax authority: an ethnographic approach.”
  • Hanna Filipczyk “Spirit of the law’ for non believers: tax avoidance and (legal) philosophy.”
  • Jane Frecknall Hughes, Simon James and Rosemarie McIlwhan: “The tax implications of Scottish independence or further devolution.”
  • John Hasseldine: “The effect of professional standards on a client favourable bias in tax decision making.”
  • Eva Hoffman, Martin Voracek, Erich Kirchler & Christine Bock: “Socio demographic determinants of tax compliance
  • Angharad Miller “A principles-based source rule for the taxation of cross-border trade in services and for the digital economy.”
  • Gerhard Nienaber, Madeline Stiglingh, Riel Franzsen & Ariel Strassheim: “The expectation gap between taxpayers and tax practitioners in a South Africa context.”
  • Limor Riza: “Intrinsic flaw in taxation impeding tax compliance.”
  • Kerrie Sadiq “Developing nations and transfer pricing: are emerging economies looking to formulary apportionment as a possible solution?”
  • Theuns Steyn “A conceptual framework for measuring individual taxpayers’ living experience of the tax burden.”
  • Henk Vording: “Endowment taxation: philosophical and historical perspectives on tagging.”
  • Nor Shaipah Abdul Wahab “An examination of UK CEO’s engagement in corporate tax planning.”
  • Neil Warren “Income tax, income contingent education loans and the taxpayer parallax.”

We look forward to seeing you there.


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