TRN Education Committee

Chair : Andy Lymer – Aston University


Phyllis Alexander – Bournemouth University
Elaine Doyle – University of Limerick
Yvonne Evans – Dundee University
Terry Filer – Swansea University
Nicky Thomas – University of Exeter
Rex Obeng – University of Hertfordshire
Ex-officio : TRN Board Member – Pete Miller – Jerroms Miller Specialist Tax

Terms of reference:

To aid the TRN Ltd Board with the following tasks:

  1. Support ‘local’/designated annual conference host(s) in planning (and where suitable some aspects of delivery ) of an education day at each annual conference e.g. suggesting/helping source key notes, acting as support to the local organising committee, acting as chairs of some of the sessions, and other as may be needed by the local conference organisers by mutual consent.
  2. Plan and deliver/enable delivery of other ways to support education related activity between TRN members/the wider tax educator community between annual meetings – for example, periodic seminars online, possibly launching a discussion forum and/or a blog series, support the TRN twitter account with education content, and similar, as they think suitable but aiming to enable greater tax education discussion, dissemination and activity under the TRN banner between annual meetings. 
  3. One or two members to become leads on supporting ‘new to teaching tax’ provision at the annual conference/between meetings to address how TRN can support this important area more effectively – as a core, long-standing, objective of TRN to develop future tax teachers
  4. Including one representative from the annual conference’s host institution at relevant committee meetings to support discussions related to the organisation/management of the annual conference. 

Frequency of Meetings – maximum four meetings per year linked to above held mostly as electronic meetings with other periodic email based interaction between these as needed. 

Terms of office – 3 years